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The bullies taking over the asylum!

Twitter feed video.The bullies taking over the asylum!
Avi Yemini 🇦🇺🇮🇱@OzraeliAvi

More police brutality.

This is NOT in America.

This is STATE SANCTIONED in Hong Kong.

And still, not one protester started stealing from their neighbours.

There is NO excuse for looting.

It’s sad how my words r being twisted. I’m used 2 it happening by now but not w/such an important issue. My intentions have been & always will be 2 do the right thing. & the right thing is to listen, to educate myself, & 2 be a part of the change I wish to see. Black Lives Matter

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This pain is in our blood, don’t tell me how to feel.

Twitter feed video.This pain is in our blood, don’t tell me how to feel.

Don’t ever fix your lips to tell our people how to express their rage.

Do the math-when a Potus is 75 , 78 79 yrs old how much do THEY REALLY care about leaving a better place?A Future?They MUST have concern to convince the masses that it Ain’t about THEM.NEWGENS have to ‘Fight LOUD for The World YOU Want. Do the math. 25yrs-Youll be here THEY wont

When GOVT bring up past records prior arrests on Blackfolk to justify gestapo criminal behavior..understand in the shadow of white supremacy our ‘S K I N’ is considered violent . #BringTheNoise is based on that. Our SKIN is the LOUDEST thing in the room without saying a WORD

There’s massive REFORM that Gotta happen...#GeorgeFloydRiots are the Tipping Point for a long list of bulsht.. but CLEARly you MUST burn the cancer to UnFcuk The World ..It’s FKN simple. #TrumpOut2020 and we not talking November. Go back to casinos football teams & reality shows

Hiphop is LOUD to this regime. Artists in their teens 20s 30s 40s AND 50s . LISTEN to THEM now. I DO & I Watch. OGs counsel advise while working in their lane. I been here 60 years I know damn well the timing of when I will be HEARD. ‘Fight LOUD for the WORLD that YOU Want! #blm

Fight The Power 1989 furywise is really a part 2 of Bring The Noise 1987 in fact it was sandwiched by it. 1991 @Anthrax ..Yo! Bum Rush The Show means change happens as a collective movement against obstacles the individual simply cannot do. Don’t get singled out against Fascism



Watch as @nypdchiefofdept provides details of tonight’s police involved shooting. After officers responded to a 9-1-1 call for a shot spotter activation in Brooklyn they encountered an armed suspect who had reportedly just shot another male.

Listen to a clip of "When the Band Was Singin’ (Shakin’ All Over)" written by #burtoncummings #domenictroiano. Released on the Guess Who's '75 ‘Power In the Music’.


Apple Music -…/when-the-band-was-sing…/292665140…

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