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Dr. Claud Anderson Powernomics

Both Biden and Trump need to meet with Dr. Anderson as soon as possible about restoring the black community

Upgraded HD versions of #Escape & #LloroPorTi are now out on youtube!!! Check them out here: @YouTubeMusic

Hey, doll!

Twitter feed video.Hey, doll!
Julia Stone@JuliaStoneMusic

‘When @cyndilauper was in town premiering her kinky boots musical in Melbourne and came down to watch the concert it was sooo exciting!’ @thehitsnz

If you’re a @SIRIUSXM Subscriber
TUNE IN Sunday August 16 Channel 50 The Groove at 9 AM PST for a Two Hour Jody Watley Takeover! I’ve curated some of my favorite classics. Shout out to BK Kirkland!
#jodywatley #shalamar #siriusxm #rnbmusic #classics

I’m going LIVE to announce the winner for the @UpliveUSA "Singing For the World" competition this coming September 1st. 🏆 Join me at 8pm PST / 11pm EST to see who wins. For more info, visit: Good luck‼️ XoP

Yesterday that horror admitted he’s holding up a stimulus bill to help our Postal Service. OUR Postal Service, not his! He’s trying to fold, spindle AND mutilate our election!

Yuck! Why is the conservative media criticizing Kamala for not being “warm” enough? “Too angry”?! Politics in 2020 is not a pageant. The men we currently have in office are EVIL INCARNATE!! can we focus on the facts and if they can straighten out the mess we are in? Priorities!

Coming soon to your neighborhood: my new ice cream truck jingle created with @GoodHumor. SOUND ON 🔈
Check out the full track:


Twitter feed video.🙏🏻
M O R I S S E T T E ❁@Its_Morissette

one of my favorite moments shooting #AsianDream was getting to hear @mbsings sing LIVE (and I just get chills everytime)... now imagine my thrill getting to harmonize to him singing one of his iconic songs #SaidILovedYouButILied

REQUEST #MorissetteAmon @MTV #FridayLivestream

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