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When you’re Rockin the crowd at Maximum Intensity! ‘The Zone’ I’m missing Touring. Hopefully it will be safe again. One day... 💥🤛🏽

#ADE20 ... who's about?

I cannot wait for tomorrow's show, this is going to be great! Streaming LIVE at 6pm CEST, you can check the program & tune in via

A lot of love is going into this, I hope you'll enjoy ❤️ ❌

I’m excited to be featured on @CharlieWilson’s new single “All Of My Love!” The song and music video will be available Friday, Oct 23rd🎙🎙

Let’s Meditate, Tuesday:
Moving from activity to stillness during meditation translates into more conscious behaviors during non-meditation. 
Fan Your Flames

Who can do this now? Jaw-dropping, show stopping.

Twitter feed video.Who can do this now?  Jaw-dropping, show stopping.

Remembering Fayard Nicholas, born on this day in 1914 in Mobile, Alabama. Here he is dancing with his younger brother Harold in the 1943 film “Stormy Weather.”

WIN No Need To Argue 25th Anniversary edition on 2LP AND Everyone Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We 25th Anniversary Edition on 2LP. Enter here:

“Assume everyone you come in contact with is asymptomatically infected and contagious. Wear a mask and socially distance ....” @DrPaulOffit Dir Vaccine Education Ctr Children’s Hospital Philadelphia. (said this morning) I’m not a Dr but he is! #Science

dearest arca , i had one of the most magical musical collaboration in my life with you felt unsurmountable to try to crystallise it into an image. but the magnificent mert and marcus captured it ! hope our spirit is there busily communicating with you, folks !deep love björk

The Debate Commission announced at the next Trump/Biden debate they’ll mute the candidates mics when it’s not their turn to speak. My agent has reached out to see if I can play "person who pushes the button on Don." AND I'm willing to pay!

Join me this coming Thursday Oct 22 at 8:30pm when Israeli artist Tomer Peretz is going to paint my portrait, Covid safe, over Zoom! 
You can get your own limited copy, signed by me! 
All proceeds raised will go to support our veterans.
See you there, Gene

Attention! Be the 23rd Person to Sign Up today... and receive this vintage 1997 Lollapalooza Program AUTOGRAPHED by Perry🎧Link Here:

Namaste. Returning again and again is The Morning, and I’m always glad. It’s this weird instinct to feel renewed and hopeful 🤷🏻‍♀️ I will take it, and run with it all day. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

💥 The Dandy Warhols LIVE in Europe in 2021 - Feb/March in #Brussels, #Paris, #Lausanne, #Zurich, #Munich, #Berlin, #Amsterdam, and #London. Tickets at

#CabinFever - Sunday Vinyl Session 031: CIRCUS RECORDINGS! 😎🎶 Re-listen via #MixcloudSELECT ►

Another Tuesday Teaser for you - and it's more working/alternate titles. What are the following better known as?
1. The Amazing Pudding
2. Afternoon
3. The Mortality Sequence
4. The Most Boring Song I've Ever Heard Bar Two

We hope you’ve enjoyed Tafel Tuesdays as much as we have. Now it’s your turn to re-create those great recipes while streaming "Tafelmuzik Means More When You're Alone" whenever you like. Available now:

NEW IN-STORE DATES - hey everyone, here are the new dates for the rescheduled Nov in-stores!
They will now take place JUNE 2021, ahead of our UK tour.
Tickets will ONLY be available with pre-orders of the new album - so you gotta get them BEFORE Nov 20th!

Next year's UK tour is more meaningful to us, perhaps than the very first time Blondie played there in the mid '70s. The UK has always been a special place to us, and being able to come back to perform there after sitting out most of 2020 is very exciting. - Debbie

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