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While it’s a comical trope that archvillains detail or project their plans using either riddles, clues or pompous pre-torture declarations, I’m now convinced that’s actually based in truth.

I don’t know guys, this #Yovanovitch testimony is making it look like @RudyGiuliani may have been working AGAINST U.S. policy to benefit Tang and his corrupt plans.

Color me SHOCKED! Shocked, I say!

Morgan Freeman: Yvette was not shocked.


Two new shows have been added to my 2020 calendar! See you in January Wilkes Barre @FmKirbyCenter and Syracuse @TheOncenter for a screening of Star Trek II followed by stories and conversation with yours truly. Tickets and tour info at

NONE of this is true. Your @VP, @Mike_Pence, is 100% lying to you #Louisiana. VOTE #JohnBelEdwards @JohnBelforLA

Twitter feed video.NONE of this is true. Your @VP, @Mike_Pence, is 100% lying to you #Louisiana. VOTE #JohnBelEdwards @JohnBelforLA
Mike Pence@Mike_Pence

A vote for John Bel Edwards is a vote for radical-leftists who despise your values, hate your beliefs, and want to crush the workers of this state.

S Y R A C U S E!!!

M E L O!!!

@Cuse_MBB @Cuse @SyracuseU

Twitter feed video.S Y R A C U S E!!!
M E L O!!! 

@Cuse_MBB @Cuse @SyracuseU

Melo dropped in to give Syracuse a little pregame talk. 🍊

(🎥: @Cuse_MBB)

For those who asked. Here’s one of my favorite shots of #MisterHarleyBrown, my fur baby I adopted from the #LadyAndTheTramp set. I will post more. He’s also on IG under his full name with Mister spelled out! 😘

I know @RepStefanik is a chick, but she serving insufferable #DudeBros realness. Sheesh! Is she @mattgaetz in disguise? I won’t know for sure unless she gets a DUI on the way out of the door. 😏 Slanging all that UNRECOGNIZED #PointOfOrder limp “fire”!😂 #ImpeachmentHearings

That @DevinNunes doesn’t even REALIZE how pitiful he is makes me want to weep for him & whoever raised him. What a sniveling, whiny shell of a man. I realize now that he’s too dim to even be corrupt. I laughed thru his entire opening. Then felt bad because he’s just dumb. #SoDumb


Twitter feed video.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Central Ave@centralavetv

FRIDAY: @VanLathan joins the 'Central Ave' family! Go to for local listings. #centralavetv #vanonthestreets

I asked @Drawnoutjosh and @chazzymcfly to help me tell some of my life stories. This one is about challenges in life, I call it dirt. When you get some dirt on you, use it like fertilizer and grow from it. Just like an oak tree that grows from an acorn - get used to the dirt..

Really needed some muscles for these Spicy Mussels and Linguini 💪

Going live again in 15 MINUTES with Reuben Waffle Fries and Eggs 🍳Who said breakfast was boring??

Start your FRYday with me on the #FoodNetworkKitchen app! @FoodNetwork

Watch #LadyAndTheTramp and take the ride, Leni KNOWING that one of Lady’s sweet cocker spaniel doubles is home with me right now, being loved to bits!

#AuntSarah hates dogs!

I WUV ❤️ them!

Twitter feed video.
Leni Morgan@MorganLeni

@YNB This is why I'm so torn about watching this film - my logic brain is all, it's a film, Yvette is a brilliant actress so of course would make a fantastic baddie 🤔
My emotional brain is NOOOOOOOOO!! Not Yvette, my Twitter BFF would NEVER be like that - what have you done to her??

To be an American, living most of the last 3 years out of the country, looking back home feels like watching an alien world that thrives on gun violence & mass shootings. I would hope every American could understand that our gun culture is unnatural.

another deadly school shooting.
the 11th of the year.
trump at a rally - dems deep in impeachment.
not a word on this terrifying reality in america.

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