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Why did Hope Hicks give Cory Lewandowski a black eye in Iowa during Trump 2016? Here’s Michael Cohen’s thoughts. What’s this have to do with Jerry Falwell Jr & his sudden support of heathen Donald Trump during his sex pic extortion scandal? We need more Michael Cohen! #freeCohen

Reuniting with @BTS_twt tomorrow morning! They’ll be in-studio with me so I’ll make sure to share pics and vids - gotta step it up for the #BTSArmy! #BTSonSeacrest

As usual, an absolutely amazing audience tonight at the @O2ApolloManc . Thank you Manchester, you sick fuckers. Can't wait to do it all again tomorrow. Cheers!

When you ask God for something he boxes it up and ships it immediately. Most people have moved off of "Faith Street" before their gift is delivered. You have to remain on Faith Street to receive your gift. Watch more #Motivated on

Honored to have been inducted into @msartsorg 2017 Inaugural Hall of Fame which included talented Mississippians: @ElvisPresley, @Oprah, #JimHenson, and so many more. Honorees for this year will be announced soon...can’t wait to see who will be joining us!

Hey Guys! The #ADOS folks say you all aren’t real people. They say I have almost 400k FAKE followers. 😢

If you are a real, live human being please reply back with the hashtag #ADOSisTrash. 😂

Just kidding. We ALL already know they are trash. #SillyRabbits

Today i saw a grown man order a breakfast burrito and two pieces of toast. He proceeded to butter the toast, place the breakfast burrito between them, and eat it like a sandwich.

I am still in shock.

Okay Boston and CT … this is the weekend we do our yearly get together. Friday at the Wilbur in boston and sat at the Foxwoods casino. You know how we do this ! See you there !

The great Greg Giraldo. Truly one of the best comedians we ever had.
Still wish we had him! Check him out on YouTube! HILARIOUS #restwell

“Jones Day” is the law firm that don mcgahn works for. I wonder how they’d feel about any of their clients blatantly ignoring a congressional subpoena? I’m calling now. Join me.

This week's guest on #UnderTheSkin is @jameelajamil! (@i_weigh)
You can listen to it this Saturday on @hearluminary!

See how @JimCameron and I got inspiration for the big #Alita barfight! Get @AlitaMovie on Digital July 9 and Blu-ray July 23.

Tell the millennials the music they hear in the background is called a "band" 😂🤣😁 those are instruments! My kids and I attended a rap concert once and it didn't go so well for me. Watch more #RollingWithSteveHarvey on

Wanna win a pair of tickets to meet @KristianBush & me on tour in your city? Here you go! - hit the link below to enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets in your city, meet & greets, and signed merch! Go go go! Yeah yeah yeah!

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