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To be in the presence of such a talented and giving artist. This woman is the best. “You’re my foundation and my support”, Sharon Clarke. DEATH OF A SALESMAN @youngvictheatre May 1

Try to find a way to laugh at the absurdity of your own existence. Doing so gives life meaning.

And then all was quiet. Not a troll in sight. And without a block! That’s new! Look at God! 😂✊🏾❤️

Have a blessed Sunday, you guys!

God will seed your imagination with something that is just for you. Ever wonder why you’ve told someone a dream and they shot it down completely? Because God gave it to you, and you only. It wasn’t meant to be shared. Protect what God puts in your imagination. #SundayMotivation

I thought we covered this eons ago, yet my mentions... *sigh*

Once more with feeling: I am a woman who types 75wpm. Which means two things I can multi-task AND vanquishing a troll takes me a nanosecond.

Lastly, my feelings aren’t in this. Trolls don’t hurt me.


What an honor it was last night to perform at the most beautiful theater in America, @browardcenter for the Performing Arts. Thank YOU!

Tech companies Censorship, encouraged by our Elected officials, is the real threat to democracy.
Soviet Style Tass and Pravda is the model.

I don’t usually allow coarse language on my page, so #HideYoKidsHideYoWives but I don’t like liars and those who lack self-reflection bug even more. The chick saying SHE was kind and respectful dropped this tweet gem early in our Sunday morning convo. Respectful? #HowSway? #typo

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