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Excited to hear the great @julietighe17 speak on what needs to happen to make New York’s Climate Ambitions possible. Roll up your sleeves everyone!

Jim Brown was in the championship game in 1964. I watched that game with my Father sitting on the floor. Classic moments!

#Repost #NFL We need #SteveHarvey to narrate all of @JimBrownNFL32’s greatest plays. 😂
📺: NFL 100 GREATEST PLAYS | @NFLNetwork #NFL100

Circa 1982. TV Series M.A.S.H. Starring @alanalda I was cast as a bantering foil to Mr. Alda, Nurse Lacey. I recurred as a character for two seasons. I’m probably 25 years old here. I’ve worked with some amazing people. So lucky. Or maybe just old. Lol.

So @HISTORYUK I was told you aren’t feeling the love but you have yet to schedule my show @TheUnXplained. How can I possibly send you love if you’re ignoring me? 😳🤔🤷🏼‍♂️😢😭

#MyHourADay fight your mind for one hour a day.. and have 23 hours of glory.. repeat this once a day.. till savage status.
#Family #Training #MindAndBody and of course #Beyonce

I’m out of town...waaaaaayyy out of town... until a week from Sunday. So if I’m not online; the rumors of my demise are false! 😝

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