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Hollywood (I-P)

Just finished reading @AliceMarieFree ‘s book! I wrote the forward for her amazing life story. Thank you Alice for sharing so much of yourself with us. Everyone go out and get her book! You will love it!

Tomorrow, Speaker Pelosi is convening the entire Democratic caucus to discuss oversight and a potential impeachment inquiry. The time has come.

.@TheNormanLear & I are bringing back #AllInTheFamily and #TheJeffersons with @WoodyHarrelson @IamWandaSykes @IamJamieFoxx @MarisaTomei @KerryWashington #WillFerrell & more great stars #LiveInFrontOfAStudioAudience LIVE TOMORROW night on #ABC at 8|7c

Two years ago, we made a journey back to a little town with some amazing Douglas Firs 🌲⛰⛰🌲 Today I wanted to share a fun part of #TwinPeaks history: to create a sense of place for the show, @DAVID_LYNCH drew this map of the town.

I shall be at ye ole @stressfactory this weekend. May 23 -26. We shall have grand celebration with our milk maidens. 🎟link. #njprincess #aladdin #memorialdayweekend #bdayweekend #geminiseason #thedirt

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