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Love these kinda behind the scenes things.

Twitter feed video.Love these kinda behind the scenes things.
Seth Rogen@Sethrogen

In case you’re curious, here’s how I played two roles in #AnAmericanPickle.

That's a wrap on the first episode of #WorldsToughestRace! What did you all think? The athletes never got a break while in Fiji, so neither will we. On to episode two right now! @ToughRaceTV @PrimeVideo

While you need the USPS to receive your absentee ballots, you do not need to rely on them to deliver your completed ballot. You can bring in your ballot to your county registrar’s office or secure drop boxes in your county. Check your county registrar’s office for more details.

As captain, this was a tough decison for Hal: protect his team or risk not making it to the checkpoint in time. #WorldsToughestRace @ToughRaceTV @PrimeVideo

Team Bend Racing is showing us what it means to never leave a teammate behind. #WorldsToughestRace @ToughRaceTV @PrimeVideo

Laying the medallions for teams to collect. I had to get down to the wreck somehow! #WorldsToughestRace @ToughRaceTV @PrimeVideo

Mark Macy was already a legend in this sport, but taking on this race with Alzheimers & alongside his son was incredible to witness. Revered and admired by many. Earned the hard way. #WorldsToughestRace @ToughRaceTV @PrimeVideo

In this race, every decision has a consequence. Will this move for Team Bend Racing come back to haunt them? #WorldsToughestRace @ToughRaceTV @PrimeVideo

Trump wants to sow enough chaos and uncertainty that people get discouraged and don’t bother mailing in ballots.

So how do we fight back? If by Oct 15th you haven’t put your ballot in the mail, then hold onto it and drop it off in person so it’s counted on Election Day. Period.

You can't help but be inspired by Team Onyx and Team Unbroken. They're redefining what it means to be tough. #WorldsToughestRace @ToughRaceTV @PrimeVideo

A top tier team capsizing proves ANYTHING can happen during the #WorldsToughestRace. This was a pretty shocking moment and we were only 30 seconds in to this 12 day expedition... @ToughRaceTV @PrimeVideo

The route we designed was something special. 671 KM of brutal terrain - ravines, jungle, mountains, swamp. What’s toughest? #WorldsToughestRace @ToughRaceTV @PrimeVideo

I am ready to send Rental Assistance payments to hardworking Americans that have been hurt by the ChinaVirus. DEMOCRATS ARE HOLDING THIS UP!

And we’re live!

Join me and some of the competitors from the show using #WorldsToughestRace. You're not going to believe what these amazing competitors are about to go through... truly EPIC @toughracetv @PrimeVideo

Check out this #LWOD cast list & see where the matches are to this scene in CALIFORNICATION Hint @MaggieGrace & #Keaton

Twitter feed video.Check out this #LWOD cast list & see where the matches are to this scene in CALIFORNICATION Hint @MaggieGrace & #Keaton
Kimberly K Cupples@Kimcupples63

@keatonsimons @MomElizaRoberts @EricRoberts @davidduchovny @SusanRSmith71 @cinders831 @Marianspielman1 @GarryCharles @BoxingMusicJohn @BehindTheRant @MorningNeurosis californication S6E12 check it out !

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