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Hollywood (A-H)

I’m always inspired when I’m around our nations heroes, but especially so when the just crushed the LA marathon!

Fuck! Forgot to go to church again! That's like 1100 Sundays in a row!

Nelson Anderson, forever puppy.
#nationalpuppyday #frenchbulldog #londonfrenchies

Guys, you're not going to believe this, but yesterday I was misinformed by a Best Buy employee

Gonna be a #VeryScaySunday! Join me tonight for the most watched show in the history of @HLNTV — #VeryScaryPeople!
9pm EST/PST on @HLNTV 👀

Do you want to confront your oppressor? Do you feel like you are being taken advantage of? Do you need the courage to stand up for yourself? Tell us your story.

Here's how to choose the leanest cuts of steak

Don’t miss tonight’s radio show.

@SookYinLee and I sit down to do what we love to do. Share music, stories and friendship.

@TheStromboShow 8p @CBCMusic

Commercial free. Algorithm free. #welovemusic #stromboshow

Tonight’s episode of @AFVOfficial is a REAL hit! Watch at 7/6c on ABC.

Officially 2 years since I was given the opportunity to put my spin on this green Krispy Kreme lovin' goddess to life. #RitaRepulsa @PowerRangers

Head on over to the Carrot Top store ( for your special discounted hoodie! Save 20% by entering the code SPRING20 at checkout or use this link... Sale ends Today!

Whether you love, hate or just don't care, let me deliver the message in a video shoutout. Click here: @BookCameo

I can’t believe I missed #nationalpuppyday so here’s Betty’s “get off your phone lady” and take me for a walk routine that happens every single day without fail.

Don’t be surprised if either Duke Gonzaga UNC or Kentucky make the “elite 8” this year.

Spring is in the air #elizabethhurleybeach #SarongDress #india #alibagh #babyhas 😘😘

Find relief from seasonal allergies with these five essential oils:

We are heading into another week of discovering Jesus! This week we will focus on Jesus, My Helper. You can follow along each day on my Instagram and Facebook story. If you would like, you can also sign up for Sunday devotional emails at❤️

Drinking two cups of coffee per day can be beneficial to your health.

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