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Too much time on my hands. I think I’ll try to recreate this before dinner! Anybody wanna join me?! #idlehands #repost @josephsmachines #ingenuity

Being confined to our homes can make us a little stir-crazy. Try starting your morning with a plank – it’s a simple way to get your heart pumping and you don’t have to leave your living room.

Cancer Schmancer Medical Advisory Board Member @theDr_com on how to prevent, protect, and attack the coronavirus.
Please remember Cancer Schmancer every time you shop at
#bethechange #eachoneteachone #educate #motivate #activate

Show your support for non-essential workers during this time! It can’t feel good to be told you don’t matter when you kind of thought you did.

One of the reasons that Fake News has become so prevalent & far reaching is the fact that corrupt “journalists” base their stories on SOURCES that they make up in order to totally distort a narrative or story. When you see, “five sources say”, don’t believe the story, it is....

So much of the Lamestream Media is writing and broadcasting stories with facts that are made up and knowingly wrong. They are doing it by quoting unnamed sources that simply do not exist. These are very dangerous & corrupt people, who will do anything to win. NAME YOUR SOURCES!

No matter where you are in the world please stay home and, if you go out, practice proper social distancing. Thanks to all first responders, doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, truck drivers, etc all who take away from your own family to care for others. You’re the real heroes.

I always see the poster for this movie on Netflix. I remember when it came out YEARS ago. I’ve never seen ONE second of this movie. EVEN tho I haven’t seen it, I’d be willing to bet both my nuts, penis and 40k that it has voiceover in it.

It’s ok to be sad the homeless will get sick without beds or Tylenol
something would be wrong with us if we were not sad
I will try harder tomorrow & smile at my neighbors
I may even wear lipstick
because optimism will get us through
my face looks tormented

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