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EPISODE 1 of “My Apology Tour” podcast will be with Mary McCormack and my husband Brandon. The first episode drops this Thursday. Subscribe 🤸🏼‍♂️ @marycmccormack #MYAPOLOGYTOUR #LIFEWILLBETHEDEATHOFME

Big news on my relatives. Just found out last Saturday my niece Tina took runner up for this years pork queen. They said she’d easily took first but got bucked off in the talent portion. Said she got twisted up outa the gate and thats when she realized not this year. #stillproud

Shahira Knight has done a wonderful job as my Legislative Affairs Director at the White House. She was outstanding for us and for our Country - will be a tremendous success in the private sector!

On today’s podcast, my Executive Producers talk to my celebrity producer Matt Wright. I hadn’t heard this story from my birthday party. #EllenOnTheGo @EdGlavin @andylassner @MaryConnelly @kevinlemanII

Thx bb @tyleroakley for reminding me & @jennaushkowitz that we don’t actually know anything about Glee. Go watch the vid!

Why did Hope Hicks give Cory Lewandowski a black eye in Iowa during Trump 2016? Here’s Michael Cohen’s thoughts. What’s this have to do with Jerry Falwell Jr & his sudden support of heathen Donald Trump during his sex pic extortion scandal? We need more Michael Cohen! #freeCohen

Reuniting with @BTS_twt tomorrow morning! They’ll be in-studio with me so I’ll make sure to share pics and vids - gotta step it up for the #BTSArmy! #BTSonSeacrest

The finale of @TheKidsABC airs tonight with my Yaya @marycmccormack. Please watch and make some noise!  Help them find a new home and save this funny show! @ABCStudios #savethekidsarealright #Netflix #Hulu

The finale of @thekidsarealrightabc airs tonight with my friend @marycmccormack. Please watch and make some noise! Help them find a new home and save this funny show! @abcstudios #savethekidsarealright #Netflix #Hulu

As usual, an absolutely amazing audience tonight at the @O2ApolloManc . Thank you Manchester, you sick fuckers. Can't wait to do it all again tomorrow. Cheers!

Just finished reading @AliceMarieFree ‘s book! I wrote the forward for her amazing life story. Thank you Alice for sharing so much of yourself with us. Everyone go out and get her book! You will love it!

Tomorrow, Speaker Pelosi is convening the entire Democratic caucus to discuss oversight and a potential impeachment inquiry. The time has come.

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