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I’m doing my Friday Sirius 97 show live from the Omaha funny bone at noon central today! Gonna be a great time. Surprise pop in guests and I’ve heard there might be pie! Listen at noon central and if your close call em up and see if we got anymore seats left! @funnyboneomaha

Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad. She started off in Somalia, how did that go? Then fast forward to Ukraine, where the new Ukrainian President spoke unfavorably about her in my second phone call with him. It is a U.S. President’s absolute right to appoint ambassadors.

Two new shows have been added to my 2020 calendar! See you in January Wilkes Barre @FmKirbyCenter and Syracuse @TheOncenter for a screening of Star Trek II followed by stories and conversation with yours truly. Tickets and tour info at

I knew this would happen, even though I was asking a sincere question, but I honestly didn’t expect it to happen this fast. For the record, this is what I look like, as of last night, wearing a bowler hat loaned to me by @PFTompkins

Daniel Packard@daniel_packard0

@hodgman I believe that's - John Hodgman, time traveler from the year 2040

NONE of this is true. Your @VP, @Mike_Pence, is 100% lying to you #Louisiana. VOTE #JohnBelEdwards @JohnBelforLA

Twitter feed video.NONE of this is true. Your @VP, @Mike_Pence, is 100% lying to you #Louisiana. VOTE #JohnBelEdwards @JohnBelforLA
Mike Pence@Mike_Pence

A vote for John Bel Edwards is a vote for radical-leftists who despise your values, hate your beliefs, and want to crush the workers of this state.

S Y R A C U S E!!!

M E L O!!!

@Cuse_MBB @Cuse @SyracuseU

Twitter feed video.S Y R A C U S E!!!
M E L O!!! 

@Cuse_MBB @Cuse @SyracuseU

Melo dropped in to give Syracuse a little pregame talk. 🍊

(🎥: @Cuse_MBB)

Back in my old TGIF time spot! Fridays are much funner because #NashvilleSquares is ALL NEW TONIGHT with TWO Back-2-Back episodes! Tune in TONIGHT @CMT !! The fun starts at 8pm/7c/6m and Phoenix, 9 pm!! Heeyahh!! @CMTSquares @CMT

For those who asked. Here’s one of my favorite shots of #MisterHarleyBrown, my fur baby I adopted from the #LadyAndTheTramp set. I will post more. He’s also on IG under his full name with Mister spelled out! 😘

I know @RepStefanik is a chick, but she serving insufferable #DudeBros realness. Sheesh! Is she @mattgaetz in disguise? I won’t know for sure unless she gets a DUI on the way out of the door. 😏 Slanging all that UNRECOGNIZED #PointOfOrder limp “fire”!😂 #ImpeachmentHearings

Courtesy of @accessonline - Fran Drescher Teases News About 'The Nanny' Is Coming 'Soon . . . Very, Very Soon' #nanny #reboot #frandrescher #indebted

I was gonna guess Thelma Heffernon for the first one. You go Lawrence!!!

Twitter feed video.I was gonna guess Thelma Heffernon for the first one. You go Lawrence!!!
Wheel of Fortune@WheelofFortune

You were among good company on last night's show, @jimmyfallon. #YoureOnWheel #WheelOfFortune

That @DevinNunes doesn’t even REALIZE how pitiful he is makes me want to weep for him & whoever raised him. What a sniveling, whiny shell of a man. I realize now that he’s too dim to even be corrupt. I laughed thru his entire opening. Then felt bad because he’s just dumb. #SoDumb


Twitter feed video.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Central Ave@centralavetv

FRIDAY: @VanLathan joins the 'Central Ave' family! Go to for local listings. #centralavetv #vanonthestreets

Nunes reading out the transcript of Trump’s Miss Universe Bragg word mush and Zelensky’s ass kissing like it’s the Declaration of Independence. Case closed.

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