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This week on The Podcast - I'm pissed about the ACB hearings. So is @BrianeFallon of Demand Justice. Here I point out that SHE LIED! #SCOTUS #AmyConeyBarrett #ACB

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“Assume everyone you come in contact with is asymptomatically infected and contagious. Wear a mask and socially distance ....” @DrPaulOffit Dir Vaccine Education Ctr Children’s Hospital Philadelphia. (said this morning) I’m not a Dr but he is! #Science

I’m excited to be featured on @imcharliewilson’s new single “All Of My Love!” The song and music video will be available Fri Oct 23rd🎙🎙✨

You are awesome! 🇺🇸

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Kirstie Alley@kirstiealley

I’m glad I was brought up in Kansas. I’m proud that I was taught to stand up for myself & my beliefs without having to hate or belittle those who believe differently. And I’m thankful to have worked 40 wonderful years in Hollywood. Best of both worlds. Blessed & grateful

Pain always leaves a gift. Somebody gave me a plaque that said..."Don't worry about the people that God has removed from your life. He saw things you didn't see. He heard conversations you couldn't hear and he made moves you wouldn't make." And that's it.

Start with #HunterBidenEmails unless and until the @JoeBiden campaign can credibly deny computer belongs to Hunter or allege it’s contents have been altered, then computer should be front and center in campaign.

dearest arca , i had one of the most magical musical collaboration in my life with you felt unsurmountable to try to crystallise it into an image. but the magnificent mert and marcus captured it ! hope our spirit is there busily communicating with you, folks !deep love björk

Hey @sendavidperdue ,

If you can pronounce George fucking Stephanopoulos’ name, then you can correctly pronounce Kamala Harris’ name, you empty cowardly pandering lowest common denominator fucking racist.

Donate to @ossoff right now, friends.

GA deserves some common decency.

The Debate Commission announced at the next Trump/Biden debate they’ll mute the candidates mics when it’s not their turn to speak. My agent has reached out to see if I can play "person who pushes the button on Don." AND I'm willing to pay!

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